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The supplement industry tends to create complex, multi-ingredient blends in a complicated matrix. Developing a standard product matrix and validating methods therein, can be a time-consuming, costly process. Although the standard capsule or tablet form is most common, stick pack blended powders, liquids, gummies, soft chews and even supplemented food products have made their way into the market successfully.  But, have you ever thought about how standard methods were modified to accurately test these new products?  As dietary supplement sales continue to increase year over year, they will often out-pace science and method development. SORA Labs has the expertise and resources to successfully develop a testing process to fit your new product matrix.
Since the standard testing methods are often designed for single ingredient raw materials or simple finished products, these blended products are often challenging to test accurately.  Probiotics are a great example, as they are often included in complex, sugar and acidic flavored mixtures like gummies or soft chews. These samples can sometimes change the starting sample solution pH, and method development may be needed to determine if this pH variation will affect the method or if a pH adjustment needs to be considered before the testing begins.  When a method is modified, validation steps need to be completed to ensure the method still performs as designed.  Each step can be addressed and discussed to achieve the most accurate results for your matrix sample.
Enzyme blends in a sugar or soft chew type matrix, are another relevant example.  When performing a standard enzyme activity method, the first step is placing the sample into the solution, dissolving a gummy, sugary mixture can become perplexing.  Finding the best way to dissolve the matrix completely without destroying the enzyme itself, can also be a challenge.  Since enzymes deactivate with heat, warming the solution is not a valid option.  SORA Labs works with these sample types routinely, determining the optimum sample prep that allows the enzymes to act on the substrate and create the reaction needed to measure the activity, is key for a successful and accurate result.  Experience with difficult assays and complex matrixes is one of our specialties, and SORA Labs is here to help with method development and probiotic and enzyme blend testing! Call us today to take the headache out of this complex testing process.

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