It’s your CofA—how to use it wisely

Testing to ensure product and ingredient quality is a very important step in maintaining the integrity and efficacy of your brand.  Because of FDA and regulatory pressures, verification testing is always top of mind.  But testing also represents an investment in your product quality.  Have you ever considered how you can use testing result data to drive sales and build your company’s brand?
A non-modified Certificate of Analysis (CofA) from SORA Labs can be used in its entirety on your website or within your marketing material without any additional permission from us—it’s your purchase to utilize for this purpose.  If you do choose to modify the CofA or only use parts of it, we require a quick marketing agreement that allows us to approve the modifications.  We believe that your product testing investment is a quality-minded attribute that should be advertised and used to promote your brand.
Some ways to get the most out of your CofA can include highlighting testing results that demonstrate the quality of your ingredients or products.  If you show a CofA for aflatoxin, allergens, micro pathogens, or pesticide residue that are below the level of detection, this can instill customer confidence that your products are free from harmful substances and are safe to consume.  Showing results for botanical identity or active ingredient potency also lets consumers know they are getting the quality of ingredients they see on the label and have come to expect.  Additionally, tracking assays over time can be graphed/visually represented to show the ongoing shelf life and stability of your finished product.
SORA Labs wants to give you tools, such as solid testing data, to help you sell your products with confidence.  Product testing can give you much needed data and fact-based information to help set your products apart from the rest.  So, how can you use your CofA to create a more successful selling strategy? Use it to elevate your product quality in the minds of consumers and successfully build your brand!

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