Getting Testing Right Every Time—A Guide to Ordering for Successful Outcomes

Looking for a simplified way to figure out your testing needs? Here is a chart of SORA Labs billing codes and associated microbiology testing, which shows how test results will be formatted.

Using this chart can help you determine which microbiology test to order to match your given specification and turn-around-time (TAT) required.

Micro Spec Charts:

AOAC Petrifilm™ Methods

B CodeTest DescriptionSpecificationTAT
B0164Total Aerobic Plate<X cfu/g or Actual3 days
B0165E. coli<X cfu/g3 days
B0169SalmonellaNeg/X g3 days
B0168Enterobacteriaceae<X cfu/g or Actual2 days
B0094Staph. aureus<X cfu/g2 days
B0097Yeast & Mold<X cfu/g or Actual6 days
B0166Coliforms<X cfu/g2 days

Pour Plate Methods (FDA/BAM or USP)

B CodeTest DescriptionSpecificationTAT
B0188Total Aerobic Plate<X cfu/g or Actual3 days
B0189E. coliNeg/X g or Actual4 days
B0169SalmonellaNeg/X g or Actual4 days
B0191Staph. aureusNeg/X g or Actual3 days
B0192Yeast & Mold<X cfu/g or Actual8 days
B0190Coliforms<X cfu/g or Actual2 days
B0314Enterobacteriaceae<X cfu/g or Actual3 days
B0167PseudomonasNeg/X g or Actual5 days

Rapid Biolumix Methods

These methods report </> your specification and are not quantitative

B CodeTest DescriptionSpecificationTAT
B0367Total Aerobic Plate<X cfu/g2 days
B0368E. coliNeg/X g3 days
B0419SalmonellaNeg/X g3 days
B0371Staph. aureusNeg/X g3 days
B0370Yeast & Mold<X cfu/g3 days
B0369Coliforms<X cfu/g2 days
B0372Enterobacteriaceae<X cfu/g2 days
B0373PseudomonasNeg/X g3 days

Occasionally, customers need a certificate of analysis (cofa) to be updated due to a specification
issue. Here is one scenario:

Question: Can a cofa be updated to reflect a microbiology specification of negative on Escherichia coliform (E.coli) instead of <10 cfu/g?
Answer: No, because the E.coli test that reported as “negative” was not ordered.

How to place the right testing order: If you need Staphylococcus aureus (S.aureus) to report as negative/10g, then you need to order test codes B0191 or B0371 (see chart). Both these test codes have results that can be reported as negative. The B0371 Biolumix® option will only report as negative or positive, whereas the pour plate method will give you an actual count if there is S.aureus present in the sample.

Quality control is a continual process. Understanding which method to order to give you the
required results can be a challenge because of the many microbiology method choices. We’re the experts—Let us know what specifications you need and we can suggest the best method to meet your requirements. We are here to help! Call or email us anytime!

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