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Substantiating label claims can be a daunting process, but testing is always a good place to start. Knowing exactly what is in the supplement bottle is paramount, and recent FDA warning letters confirm this.

Simple question—complicated answer

Question: Can you test the potency of my multi-strain probiotic blend?  Answer: Yes. And, while this is a commonly-asked question we find very easy to answer, the process for testing probiotic [...]

It’s your CofA—how to use it wisely

Testing to ensure product and ingredient quality is a very important step in maintaining the integrity and efficacy of your brand.  Because of FDA and regulatory pressures, verification testing [...]

Setting the pace—we make it easy to keep up

The supplement industry tends to create complex, multi-ingredient blends in a complicated matrix. Developing a standard product matrix and validating methods therein, can be a time-consuming, [...]

Making sure your organic ingredients are “actually” organic—a guide to testing

To be labeled organic, foods and botanicals must be certified as such by the USDA. Since there are strict standards in place for growing and processing these ingredients, many fertilizers, [...]

To ICP-OES or ICP-MS—that is the question…

Minerals are everywhere–they are in the soil, water, food and are even added to some supplements.  Since minerals are essential to a properly functioning body, an imbalance in our mineral [...]

Botanicals. . . It’s complicated

Botanical ingredients are a popular component of many nutritional supplement products. Since they are harvested at various times of the year from different regions of the world, the exact [...]

Thorough Testing Equals Safe Products for Consumers

Thorough Testing Equals Safe Products for Consumers Substantiating label claims can be a daunting process, but testing is always a good place to start. Knowing exactly what is in the supplement bottle is paramount, and recent FDA warning letters confirm this.

Trusted testing services—the team approach

For ingredient suppliers, contract manufacturers and brand owners, partnership with a testing lab is often a necessary component. Even with an in-house lab, a company may not be able to perform [...]

Challenge accepted . . . A guide to understanding enzyme and probiotic testing

Similarities between enzyme activity assays and probiotic enumeration are more common than most people realize. Both methods of testing require many dilutions, multiple calculations and are [...]

You can’t go it alone—protecting your brand takes everyone working together!

The quality of the products under your brand is one of the most critical aspects of business success and vendor/supplier qualification is one of the most important steps in that process. In fact, [...]

A Look at Probiotic Testing

A Look at Probiotics Testing - by our own Tammy Blakemore, SORA Labs, General Manager - is up and live in the most recent edition of Probiotics Digital magazine. The article can be found on pages 32 through 34 of Natural Products Insider.

Ingredient adulteration—what you need to know now!

By definition, adulteration means, “to make impure by adding extraneous, improper or inferior ingredients.” The FDA/USDA considers “adulteration a legal term if a food product fails to meet [...]

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Why we soar above the rest!

Don’t use an imitation—use the original. Experience counts! Our lab qualifications: We are one of the only labs with enzyme assays on our ISO 17025:2005 Scope of Accreditation. This means we: [...]

SORA Labs expands Quality Control team

Forsyth, MO—SORA Labs recently welcomed Quality Supervisor, David Gauwitz to their accomplished QC team. David brings nearly 35 years of proven, award-winning experience to further enhance the [...]

Probiotic testing challenges—the right lab makes all the difference!

Probiotic testing can be complicated. Here’s why—most of the testing methods available are for single strain raw materials. Additionally, many methods come from the manufacturer and are specific [...]

What mistakes is your testing lab making?

Is your lab using reference standards when performing testing? We’ve found that not all labs do this—in fact, we tested against one lab recently that was not using a reference standard with their [...]

Need an extra hand…or two?

Ever felt like you could use an extra hand or just needed an extra team member who could provide specialty services that you desperately need from time to time? SORA Labs wants to be a valuable [...]

Introducing Assura-Check

Don’t have a lot of time to wait for test results…read this!

Ever heard the phrase, “Time is Money?” In the dietary supplement industry, like any other industry, products need to be shipped to the customer to complete the sale. And, since shipping the [...]

Taking the Mystery out of Enzyme Blends

Enzyme blends are complicated to understand, but appropriate testing can help solve the mystery that is often associated with these. There are several recommended tests for enzyme products that [...]

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Got botanicals? Read this.

Botanical ingredients, like all raw materials, need a wide range of Botanicals are subject to a host of many different possible contamination issues and testing is needed to determine if these [...]

Enzyme Testing in Finished Products

SORA Labs is an excellent source in the dietary supplement industry for insight on enzyme activity We have been testing enzyme matrices for many years and are one of the only labs in the U.S. [...]

You Spoke! We Listened!

Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury…Why Should You Care?

Heavy metals—What are they and why should you be concerned about them? The elements known as heavy metals include arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury. These elements can be present in the soil [...]

Probiotic and Enzyme Testing-As featured on Natural Products Insider

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Testing for good bugs?

Over the last couple of months our focus has been on the bad “bugs” that could be present in your supplements. However, not all bugs are bad! Probiotics are the good “bugs” that could be your [...]

Are you testing your raw ingredients?

In recent years, the FDA and other governing bodies have been tightening regulations for dietary supplement companies. Seen in the recent attacks by the NY attorney general and other agencies, [...]

What went wrong?

In the wake of the CBC retraction of the November 2015 dietary supplement report due to testing inaccuracy, questions are being asked about the function and processes of third party laboratory [...]

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