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A Look at Probiotic Testing

A Look at Probiotics Testing - by our own Tammy Blakemore, SORA Labs, General Manager - is up and live in the most recent edition of Probiotics Digital magazine. The article can be found on pages 32 through 34 of Natural Products Insider.

Why we soar above the rest!

Don’t use an imitation—use the original. Experience counts! Our lab qualifications: We are one of the only labs with enzyme assays on our ISO 17025:2005 Scope of Accreditation. This means we: [...]

Need an extra hand…or two?

Ever felt like you could use an extra hand or just needed an extra team member who could provide specialty services that you desperately need from time to time? SORA Labs wants to be a valuable [...]

Got botanicals? Read this.

Botanical ingredients, like all raw materials, need a wide range of Botanicals are subject to a host of many different possible contamination issues and testing is needed to determine if these [...]

Testing for good bugs?

Over the last couple of months our focus has been on the bad “bugs” that could be present in your supplements. However, not all bugs are bad! Probiotics are the good “bugs” that could be your [...]

What went wrong?

In the wake of the CBC retraction of the November 2015 dietary supplement report due to testing inaccuracy, questions are being asked about the function and processes of third party laboratory [...]

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